Learning to blog for profit your 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review

Learning to blog for profit your 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review is brought to you by 7-year member and current Premium Plus account holder Andy Anderson. The opinions here are my own but are based on 17 years of experience in niche affiliate marketing, professional blogging, and 7 years of time with this juggernaut company. In this 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review, you will discover my story.

2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review an Income Legion Certified Legit Program

In this 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review We Will Show You Why Wealthy Affiliate Gets Our Highest Honor The Certified Legit Badge.

I wouldn’t normally start our 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review with the final summary but when a program is a real standout you have to shout to the hills about it. In this case, we have found a real winner and will boast heavily in this 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review about our own 7-year journey with the company. After all direct experience is very good for affiliate marketing companies and while not necessary for reviews it goes a long way in the credibility department when one has longevity in a program like Wealthy Affiliate.

Who is behind Wealthy Affiliate:

Kyle Loudon and Family
Kyle Loudon with Family.

The owners are Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim out of Canada. These two school buddies came together a few years after school when it was discovered both shared a passion for online marketing and affiliate programs. Starting out as a simple list of niche ideas published regularly they slowly grew a network that includes Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, SiteRubix Free Blog Hosting, and in 2005 Wealthy Affiliate was founded.

Carson Lim with Wife and Kids
Carson Lim with Wife and Children

Since 2005 hundreds of lessons in affiliate marketing aimed at helping you turn your passion into your side hustle and even a business to replace your JOB with pure passive income. There are weekly webinars with professional marketer and search engine optimization professional Jay Neil.

With the advent of Premium Plus, the level I subscribe to over 200 live video classes has been added this year. These classes range from blog building master courses to Youtube Video Creation and marketing with sites like Pinterest and TikTok. All courses are by affiliate members who are generating mostly 6 and 7 figure incomes using the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

While not an accredited college the TEAM behind Wealthy Affiliate has done some serious research and built a system of training that is on par with any certification from a local college. There are hundreds of hours of video, and text-based learning to get you going in affiliate marketing.

What sets our 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review apart from similar programs we have reviewed is you don’t just learn to promote the WA program, you can bring any niche or interest to Wealthy Affiliate and learn to build a full-time business. In addition and contrary to the beliefs of reviewers who have never set foot in the door there are no dirty tricks involved. You are NEVER taught to degrade legitimate programs for traffic, use negative advertising, or strictly promote this program.

What is included in a Premium or Premium Plus Account at Wealthy Affiliate?

Included in Paid Memberships is professional WordPress Blog Hosting with Content Suite and Security Center. You also get Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool included as well and it is worth the cost of membership without the rest of the program. There is masterful peer-to-peer support.

Kyle and Carson frequent member blogs, the live chat, and Kyle even does training a couple of times a year in Live Webinars for the entire membership and has contributed a great deal to the Premium Plus library of Classes. Support is never a question as you will find out in this 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review. Lightning-fast the tech team can have all your solutions in short order and did I mention peer support for your blog-related questions? Wow so much help in one place.

Profits may come later rather than sooner in a business

2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Things you should know about Wealthy Affiliate Before taking the FREE Trial.

I don’t want you walking in unprepared so here is a shortlist of what to expect and a mindset you will need. After all, you don’t want any prizes or sticker shock going in. in our 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review, you will find Wealthy Affiliate University is not free. Despite a free membership, there is very little to keep you on as a free member after your 7 day trial as a Premium Member.

  • You need to have a mindset going in that if you like our program you will take the discounted first-month upgrade before your 7th day.
  • You’re going to need a complete change of mind from the security of a 9-5 JOB. WA is a system that like any business works on profits and they can be delayed at the beginning. You may invest in yourself for up to 18 months before serious income starts rolling in.
  • Don’t take this wrong but you must truly be dedicated to success. If you have doubts about your desire you will likely only be here a few months and ultimately not get the training and support needed for success.
  • You must empty your mind of past failures to start a business and believe in this system.
  • Coming in with a Know this, Done That attitude will hurt you. Be ready to learn.
  • Be ready to apply what you learn as you learn it.
  • Remember that we all came into this world knowing nothing, not even how to talk. YOU CAN DO THIS!
Working at a job you enjoy but wanting more

Who is the ideal candidate for Wealthy Affiliate?

If you start your day with vigor every morning going to work means you like your job. If it seems like a JOB to go to WORK you are likely a closet Entrepreneur and screaming to fire the boss and quit the rat race. After all, there is a reason that JOB stands for Just Over Broke.

You are living paycheck to paycheck and seeing first hand the 40+40+40 rule where you got to work 40+ hours a week for 40 years and retire on 40 percent of what you used to make. You want more for your retirement. Hell, you may even want to retire early instead of working at McDonald’s to make ends meet at Age 78, ouch.

You can read and write in English. While typing skills can be learned and you can use Voice to Text systems like Dragon Naturally Speaking to do some of the heavy liftings you will be learning to generate hundreds of pieces of content a year and that requires a willingness to be at the keyboard at least twice a week for a couple of hours.

The best candidates have a real passion for something. As mentioned in our niches article here, you can turn any hobby or interest in a business but the happier you are writing about something the better your content will resonate with your audience. Be of the mind that anything worth doing has dozens if not hundreds of products you can use to do it better.

Miner Just Short Of Striking Gold

Lastly, you need work ethic and staying power. You have to be able to keep a content schedule and be regular in your posting which is something I have personally struggled with in the past, and you need to NEVER give up. The reason 80% of the people you go to the classes with will fail is because they give up a few feet from striking gold.

Can you believe that currently, you can pay $19 for your first month of Premium Membership? Recurring billing at that level is just $49 a month. If you are struggling financially look at things you can do to make the funds needed.

In my first 7 days, I picked up and sold aluminum cans, fell $2 shy, and borrowed the $2 from my mom. I made up my mind to work the system had and a month later I paid my $49 dues out of profits. I have paid out of profits ever since and within 2 years I started paying the annual plan to save serious money.

Ways to save money are simple, think of cutting a lunch expense from $8 a day to $3 a day, and alone that makes $150 a month to invest in you. Beyond the cost of membership, you will also need a domain name of your own for as little as $14 a year. You can cut that much in Electricity by changing to LED or CFL bulbs in your lights around the house and Garage.

Beyond the $19 first month and $14 a year, then just $49 a month you can see this is one of the most affordable training systems you can join and businesses you can run. The hosting alone is a $30 a month value, Jaaxy is a minimum of $49 a month, and the training center saves you thousands of dollars even a certificate from a community college.

A 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review would not be complete without my personal backstory.

If you followed my Health and Money 101 Article I had a nervous breakdown 8 years ago. Combined with a physical decline in health and surgery it took 10 months to recover from I was in a deep depression. Later I was diagnosed as Bipolar and the worst part was I stopped living outside the home. I developed Social Anxiety Disorder so bad a trip to get groceries would end in bad chest pains and trouble breathing.

I had surgery and a 10 month recovery

I could no longer work from home and though I had nearly 10 years of Internet Marketing experience behind me I could not put most of the pieces together because of issues with memory caused by my psych medications. I needed help to get back online and develop the skills needed to be a successful Affiliate again.

When I found Wealthy Affiliate it was like a beacon that drove me to the doors and the welcome mat made me want to stay. I took my 10 free lessons and built the rough outline of my first site and the rest is history. I have earned thousands of dollars since and my income will grow continually through dedication and persistence. I have no doubt I will live my bucket list and retire well.

Summary of the 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review by Income Legion

You can likely see why I joined and stayed and this is my 4th or 4th total review of Wealthy Affiliate. I update them almost annually now because so much great stuff is happening. We have over 200 new classes as Premium Plus members which I haven’t really discussed much.

I left a ton of details out about Plus because until you complete the Online Entrepreneurs Certification Course most of that training will only serve as a distraction to you and future knowledge you will not need until your blog is well developed. I tell you this despite the fact I could earn a commission of over $400 if you joined Premium Plus and Paid by the Year.

By the way, if you have the desire to go with the make money online set of niche markets the Affiliate Bootcamp is challenging and Damned worth your time. Promoting through your own 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review can set you up for a lifetime of earnings and experience what over 2 million members have learned. You are sure to stay and so will your referrals.

Refer 300 paid members in a year and BAM you get an all-expenses-paid vacation/conference in Las Vegas USA. This round table discussion is among super affiliates who are making upper 5 to 7 figure earnings and is personally hosted over a 3 day period by the owner’s Kyle and Carson. All the more reason to join Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate University Cerrtified Legit

Well over 2041 words later you should know by now why Wealthy Affiliate comes so highly regarded.

We started our j2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review with the Award for Certified Legit and hopefully have proven our case. You can let us know in 2 ways. The first is right on this page and that is with a stellar comment including questions you may have. The second is by joining a wealthy affiliate from this 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review and filling out your profile. That will open 7 days of experiencing firsthand the power of this program. See you in the member’s area.

38 thoughts on “Learning to blog for profit your 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. I like that they have their owners constantly come into the platform and say high or answer questions. That’s something we usually don’t see on other platforms. Also the sense of a community is valuable. I am more of the social type. So if I can have people learning with me and sharing their experience, that would be awesome.

    • A lot of people are social learners and have a near-impossible time with self-study. In Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn self-study secrets and will likely get good at it but the community will always be here for you too as a Premium Member.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing a great review on Wealthy Affiliate, I’m sure it will help many to get started to build an online business that will work great with good work, as a member of this great community, I can say this is the best online business opportunity, it has helped me to learn everything I needed to create my own website and create new content, today my website is growing good and it has started to make money for me. 

    • WA can’t remove the work, but it can shorten the timeframe for finding success online. The goal is to get people to realize this and hit the ground running. Job 1 is to sign up and fill out their business profile. The rest from there will be the ride of your life.

  3. Andy thank you for the review of wealthy affiliate! It is good have reviews for different affiliate programs as there are so many scammers out there today. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a well trusted platform. You can see the founders of this platform wants people to learn how to succeed in affiliate marketing by giving teaching and guidance to each user along the way. Which subscription would you say is the best to have with Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Sadly there are a lot of scams online but it is even more sad to see, the number of people who fail because they don’t follow the program, don’t apply the things they learn immediately. Then they quit before success could happen and then blame the program. I advise that you don’t just review the programs but review the reviews.

  4. It is great to see that you have been with Wealthy Affiliate for seven years, and how they have helped you. I started my online journey with Wealthy Affiliate just over two years ago, and I am very pleased I found them. Wealthy Affiliate offers you world class training and an extremely supportive community and support. If you follow what you learn, and persevere, you can make a success, as you have proved. Thanks for sharing your experience. 

    • From being my brain trainers and good friends met along the way I have also found blogging akin to journaling and very therapeutic. I wouldn’t trade my WA membership.

  5. honestly i must say this is a very helpful review and i really love this platform called wealthy affiliate. i heard about it some time ago and i did not take any action but am glad i have been able to take action.everything about this review is true and i must confess the training and community help is massive.thanks for this review

    • I told another commenter that it took me 10 years from the first time I saw Wealthy Affiliate to become a member and 7 years later I am still here and wondering what took me so long to get here.

  6. Hi Andy. Thank you for great review. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and I already learnt how difficult is to find decent program for beginners. But wealthy affiliate has everything – tons of training materials, supportive community, webhosting and many more. Its definitely best place to start and to learn online marketing from scratches.

    • Thanks and I agree. It truly is a smorgasbord of online training and allows you to grow within the infrastructure regardless of your interest.

  7. An excellent review of Wealthy Affiliates!  I learned a lot.  So many companies and products seem to collect money, send some canned videos, then leave people to fend for themselves.  For someone to be successful, from your view what is the most important thing a person needs to do to make money?

    • NEVER GIVEN UP!, if your plan isn’t working after 6 months tweak and tune it but don’t totally change course because when you do it will take another 6 months to get exactly where you were before. Figure out your passion and stick with it on your blog until it gains traction and you build followers. Likewise, stick with the training and apply everything as you learn it. Skip no steps it is the difference between a first sale in a few months to a first sale in a few years.

  8. Thank you Andy for your thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    As a member myself, I believe i’s the best platform to start an online business. The training is incredible, the community is very supportive, and you get a lot of value as well. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, and I’m never leaving the platform.

    I agree with you on your points about changing mindset. Switching from a employee to entrepreneur mindset was challenging for me early on. But now, I understand it more clearly. Also, it’s far much better to work on you own than for someone else.

    A very well-written review- I enjoyed reading it and wish you all the best. Thanks again!

    • Awesome, Eric. I love to meet others who are evangelical about Wealthy Affiliate. I know from my own 7 years with them that the company gets better and grows even more solid with each passing year. The addition of Premium Plus this last Winter was brilliant. The plus membership is like getting a post-graduate education with million-dollar minds working for you. From Vitally G to Natanhiel, Jay Neil, and Ti McKinley, to Roope and Kyle, it’s a smorgasbord of great education that goes beyond the scope of what is taught in the main courses.

  9. You paid out of profits within the first month?! That’s amazing. I have been learning this system for a year and it took me six months to start paying out of profits. You really must have thrown yourself into it.

    I wholly agree that it is worth doing. and that if you don’t have the money at the moment you are better off finding the money. We had to rethink our budget and cut out 1 takeaway a month to make it work. It was worth it. I can now work from home and be with my family thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. Best move ever.

    • It took a lot of effort to do and a ton of old contacts but yes 2 Memberships were sold and then enough generated in another business I was already doing from a new perspective on writing and BAM, I was in profits. As stated though I did have 10 years in affiliate marketing before starting WA to build on. At the time I had over 8,000 followers on Twitter alone and that list has grown to more than 15,000 across 3 accounts and another 5,000 + on other networks.

  10. Hi Andy,

    As a current member of WA, I found this review spot on and really well researched.

    I loved the shortlist and mindset you will need section and it is so true in everything you say.

    I had never heard the acronym for JOB, just over broke before and I must say how true that is, it is one of the reasons I have started my Wealthy Affiliate journey just over a month ago.

    After reading this I know even more now that I have made a great decision in my life.

    Thanks for a really well-written and detailed review.


    • Amazing summary of the post. Thanks for your insights into what readers are taking away with this review. It is sure to help craft more great content in the future.

  11. Hi Andy,

    It’s good to see you doing so well with Wealthy Affiliate. I landed on it two years ago when I searched the internet for ways to make money online. Since then, I turned myself from a newbie to an online solopreneur.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for people interested in online business, especially an affiliate marketing business. It teaches everything I need to build my own website and monetize it. So, I vouch for everything you mentioned here in this post.

    To your online success,
    A happy WA premium member

    • SoloPreneur, a great term, and what I love is the therapy in my business as well. In my time there my social anxiety is easier to deal with, my bipolar is less volatile, and my knowledge of each of these has grown through association with some of the brightest minds in health and mental health blogging. We as a community learn so much helping each other and growing together. There is nothing like it on the Internet.


  12. Well, I have to say that the Wealthy Affiliate Training platform has to be the best Training i have encountered online. The thing i love about it the most is that it lets you sample everything that is available on the Premiu plan Free for 7 days and afterward you can still remain a Free member as long as you like.

    • Rest assured Free hosted sites are a devalued commodity with basic WP hosting for 1 subdomain of siterubix.com. This can still bring some success but nothing like a fully hosted domain of your own. Plus you only get 10 lessons free out of dozens of lessons in each of two main classrooms. You also lose vital tools like Jaaxy and the Content creation Suite, Live Peer support, and tech support is on lower priority. Basically, you get what you would with WordPress.com hosting.

  13. There are several things I like about this platform. The first thing is that their owners are not hiding in anonymity. Before researching about Wealthy Affiliate I was reading post reviewing 2 other platforms that promised affiliate marketing education, but their owners were not known. And the second an most important is that this platform seems to have good reviews everywhere.

    • Golden information. WA reviews well and most negative attack reviews are so full of Bull Poop that you can tell the writers have never actually been even free members of the program. Kyle and Carson are very active, the community is very active, and support comes in minutes not days as with many programs.

  14. When i started working online I was very cautious and took long to make my decisions because of the possible risks. I joined Wealthy Affiliates and my confidence grew when I saw the support and honest discussion among members about their experiences. I never thought I would be a blogger, but this practice has helped me earn good money and I find it fulfilling to help others and share information. The biggest plus for me is the learning of SEO. It was totally foreign to me but working with Jaaxy, I am quite comfortable. Thanks for reassuring me that I made a great decision to join.

    • Wealthy Affiliate is everything you say and more and those reasons are among the reasons I stayed. That and in the first ten lessons I was learning things it took me a good portion of a decade to learn on my own in an order that made sense. I had to know what more I could learn to hone my craft and go even farther than my experiences before my nervous breakdown.

      SEO is huge, but you also learn custom theme design for WordPress which is a bread and butter money maker as well. The fact is SEO when starting out is massive money competition from huge firms with decades-long reputations. The newest sub-niche in it is local SEO so if you want to break through starting there makes sense.

      In local SEO another route is to develop community sites and provide services to small business websites and local shops. Some of the biggest names in SEO started there helping the smallest businesses become large enough to afford their full services.

      Wow, I could do a full article just on that subject. Be sure to check out my company site dotlocalseo.com to get some articles and ideas if you really are interested in exploring that niche inside the Wealthy Affiliate Training.

  15. Excellent in-depth review of what I consider to be the best online training program. In addition to the many benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate, you were able to give your personal experience with this program. For anyone truly looking for an additional source of income this review will inspire them to move forward.

    • That says a lot, Joseph. The fact this post can inspire and energize people shows the power of the content writing training. We are taught so much about having an impact through helping others. I pray that today’s blog post helps thousands of others find their foothold on the path to affiliate marketing.

  16. I have to say, what a fantastic review and such a detailed explanation. Although I have just started I can only concurr this is without doubt the best and most comprehensive training program that I have ever come across. I wish I had found it years ago, but then again circumstances would not have prevailed to present me with the opportunity that I have found.
    It is thanks to Wealthy Affiliate that I have the vision to believe that I can achieve what it is that I am trying to do.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Like I say inside the 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review. It took me 10 years, a nervous breakdown, losing a 3 million visitor program site and a million visitor blog to find WA and I have learned so much since it will take Income Legion less time to reach those plateaus and we will be more profitable along the way. Thanks for a great and well-thought-out response.

  17. Wealthy Affiliate is truly amazing, this online community is legit and has what it takes to help anyone to have online success. When you look at the training the tools and the community you know that you are a part of something great. Wealthy Affiliate has proven over and over again that no matter your level of learning they can help you to achieve your goals.

    • Wealthy Affiliate is in my mind the only needed training center in all of affiliate marketing. If you create a product for sale you may want Groove Funnels or similar full marketing funnel training but you will find everything you can do there you can do with Wealthy Affiliate and an Autoresponder.

  18. Thank you for an honest, thorough review of the wealthy affiliate program and platform.  I love that they offer the seven-day free trial and I think it is important that you point out it could take a while, even years, to see any sort of profit roll in, which means you have to be willing to commit to the monthly payment for membership without really making any money in the beginning. This usually means doing the wealthy affiliate work on top of a normal job.  I am in this period now, working a 9-5, working madly on my blog, and just waiting to see some return.  I really hope to see something soon. 

    Quick questions for you. How long did it take you to see a return? Did you see a return from a blog in a specified niche first? Or did you only start seeing returns on your investment once you decided to promote the online business/work-at-home niche? 

    Thanks for your help.

    • I started seeing a return within 30 days because I was using forums and social media as well as my blog but that came from 10 years of experience before starting this. My first Google love for my former blog was about 5 months in. I gained an organic sale and commission. To get to a steady profit every month was like 7 months in and by the end of my 2nd year I was paying my dues by the year, saving money, and seeing more profit.

  19. Hello Andy,

    I love this post. This is a very interesting and important review. You have presented this very well and it’s so organized. Anyway, I agree much that you have to be able to keep a content schedule and be regular in your posting, and you need to never give up, like you outlined. This is positive and motivating.

     Best wishes!

    • Thanks, Wealthy Affiliate lays this all out plain and simple with easy-to-follow instructions. We have to be consistent for people to get used to visiting your site, watching your videos, and more.


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