Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure of CommercialRelationships and sponsored Content postings.

While the end-user of is not charged a fee for access to content on the blog all traffic and visitors are considered as paying clients based on the advertiser earnings this blog generates from your readership. Be it hereby disclosed that commercial relationships do not influence honest reviews on this weblog.

All statements supplied by the advertiser will be clearly marked as an advertisement including sponsored posts and reviews for higher activity. Any post with the (AD) Tag ad well as a link to the advertiser’s own Affiliate Disclosure if the said advertiser is promoting an affiliate link. These posts should be considered advertising materials supplied by a 3rd party or purchased by a 3rd party and not a direct endorsement from Income Legion, its owners, or authors.

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliates share the link or banner image of an advertiser in return for a percentage of sales generated.

“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

” Share-A-Sale, JV Zoo, Clickbank and Commission Junction Affiliate”

Affiliate Disclosure Man Watering Money Trees

Information from third parties

The information on this website is only intended as general information. No rights can be derived from the information on this website. The website of contains links to websites of third parties, we accept no liability and no responsibility for the content, use, or availability of third-party websites. The use of such links is at your own risk.

The information on such websites has not been further assessed for accuracy, reasonableness, timeliness or completeness by Income Legion. You can not derive any rights from the prices mentioned on this website. Prices may be outdated.

Sign/up Login data will never be sold, rented, shared, or abused. Members joining this website will be held in confidence to non-law enforcement entities to the best of their ability at all times.

Post alerts and newsletters sent to members of this blog may contain 3rd party advertising which will be made easy to discern from the requested content and meets all terms for advertisers currently on the website.

Third-party advertising such as banners, display ads, video pre-roll advertising, sponsored widgets, interactive, interstitial, and other assorted media may contain tracking cookies.

These snippets of code collect user information such as type browser, recent activity, user interest, or simply track the customer for the purpose of rewarding an affiliate commission to Income Legion upon a completed sale or advertising click-through.

Advertisers where possible are screened to ensure proper disclosures required to opt-in/opt-out mechanism and other legal compliance are met. In some cases such as shared advertising platforms like Google Adsense.

We do not have access to pre-approved content from publishers so it is always advised that readers visit the advertising provider first to read their disclosure policies and security statements prior to utilizing their service on our website. You may opt-out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies for interest-based advertising by visiting

SPAM is not tolerated by any advertiser or member on Who are Subject to the Terms of This Affiliate Disclosure and our Privacy policy.

Our Anti-SPAM Policy is simple. We report SPAM by any member to the proper authorities and contribute to groups such as Akismet to help eliminate criminal SPAM from the Internet in accordance with the rule set by the Congress of the United States in the CAN-SPAM Act.

Users, authors, administrators, and owners are prohibited from utilizing this website in a manner that would either directly lead to UFC SPAM or result in members or readers being subjected to such abuse. Anyone found to violate this policy will be reported and will also be subject to civil litigation to recover any damages or perceived damages by Income Legion.

Jurisdiction Of this Affiliate Disclosure

This website is compliant and under the jurisdiction of the Laws of the City of Yuma Arizona, the State of Arizona, and the United States of America. Any litigation filed by the site or its owners will take place in the court system of the city of Yuma or the State of Arizona who’s laws govern this blog.

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