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This is the categories tab for the Income Legion Newsletter and will act as a home to niche content based on your interest with us. To explore these topical gems please hover Categories in the menu above and select from the drop downs the topics and interest of your choosing.

BE ADVISED – This list may change on need or demand so please visit this page often as needed. In fact the more you visit our blog the more you help us continue to help you as our rankings climb and more traffic becomes more consumer interest. You are very much a part of our success.

Income Legion Website and Newsletter Categories
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Category 1: Surprise Announcements

This categories section is used to bring news and announcements about program launches, special offers, traffic codes, and other items that don’t fit our normal 4 core newsletters… This is where you will find time sensitive items as well so be sure to check items like product launch dates, coupon expiry, and age of post. If you need guidance on any of these things comment below the post and we will respond ASAP.

Category 2: Online Business Training Newsletter

These issues bring out our best training and training recommendations. If you need to learn online business marketing and advertising you will be a proud subscriber of this channel. Articles here are designed to leave you wise beyond years and allow you to make bold new mistakes and break new ground in business. Not all products are created with this same level of integrity so buyer discretion is advised.

Category 3: Online Business Reviews Newsletter

In this area you will find a list of reviews and overviews of online business programs. These are opportunities and affiliate programs from around the internet that are chosen to offer you a wide selection of potential income while also helping you spot stinker programs from a mile away without risking hard earned dollars.

Category 4: Website Traffic Newsletter

We will review traffic programs and develop website promotion strategies with you are fresh training in how to promote your online business. We will break this down into beginners programs, intermediate tactics, advanced website marketing, and tools of the trade.

Category 5: Work-Life Balance

You can work hard and many hours and make money, you can also enjoy life and be very happy even when you are flat broke but it is those who have work-life balance who enjoy the best of both worlds and live a rewarding life. In this final topic we help you navigate leisure times and the things that can help you find that balance and reclaim the Happy and Healthy part of existence.

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We respect your privacy and will never rent sell or trade your data. Our Privacy Policy and Cookie Use Statement are found Here.

Categories Summary

Please be advised that 90% of our content will fit one of the core sections noted above but new categories and sub categories will be added as needed. We will aim to keep your inbox respected with only valuable post no matter what label we send to you. Our goal is for each mailing to bring rewarding information that blesses your life.

You will find that each category archive will share the common denomination of value in every page. That is our guarantee to each reader. My promise to you is to over deliver and never steer you wrong. Please share your Income Legion Newsletter with friends and family who also would like to be empowered to live a laptop lifestyle and work entirely from home.

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