Health and Money 101 An Amazing Story of recovery for one man.

How my Nervous Breakdown and Mental Health Crisis are reshaping my business journey and can help you Find Health and Money with a New You.

Income Legion is the next step in my recovery from a life of overworking myself in a quest for something better. I have spent nearly an entire working life in middle management in service industries like Retail, Restaurants, and Fuel Services. I would often put in 100 hours a week or more working up to 2 jobs and later trying to start a business online. I always sought Health and Money so what went wrong?

My first Journey to Health and Money
First Jorney to Heal and Money

My journey did develop me into a strong CEO in a partnership with an Aussie named Dave from Adelaide SW Australia, a long way from my humble home in Texas to begin with, and later Yuma Arizona where I live with my wife and 7 kids now. Life though as a CEO by night and in Retail by day took a terrible toll on my health.

In short, it broke a few things in me. I was getting sick all the time and would be angry over little things and had NO QUALITY OF LIFE! The Health and Money part of my American Dream was not as dreamy as it should be but the problem was nobody’s fault but mine.

I wanted wealth now without a huge wait and the further we got (9 years as a partner in Kooiii Social Media Search) without a major breakthrough the more outside interest I would add. I was launch hopping and had over a dozen affiliate programs and was tied to too many websites and blogs to admin properly.

The Day I Blew My Fuse!

Mental Health Breakdown

Dave and I didn’t always have the best relationship as business partners. We both wanted to make more money faster and both put massive hours in to obtain it. In my case, I had a 40 hour a week JOB and a Home business I was putting a minimum of 60 more weekly hours into.

I would work up to 16 hours a day times 7 days a week and pulling me away was like pulling teeth for wife and family. Thank God in Heaven that they were stronger than me because one day I got really sick, really tired, really angry, and was totally fed up with a new direction Dave was trying to force the business in, that was driven by Outside Interest.

I walked away clean from 9 years of progress after 9 hours of ranting and running down the list of reasons Kooiii would fail in my absence and it turned out every prophesy came true as in less than a year the program went belly up.

That day though should have come so much sooner because I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown that tore into my physical and mental health and has left me unable to work outside the home. Health and Wealth were both taken as the dreams seemed to crash around me.

The timing was horrible. I lost my Job, Business, My father, a brother-in-law, and my wife’s parents in the span of 2.5 years. I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and Bipolar Depression. I did only one thing health-wise that was right in quitting smoking after 15 years.

Mental health patient seeking counseling

The Break in Health and Money

Asthma all but went away as a non-smoker. The fact is it has been 2 years since my last attack. It has been 7 since my break down but in the first 10 months of my breakdown, I had diverticulitis and gained over 130 pounds during a complicated recovery from surgery.

Now at 366 pounds, I had to find a way back from it all.

My poor wife has had to endure taking care of my mentally disabled son and myself for over 8 years now. Because of our issues, she can’t work outside the home and I can barely go to Wal-Mart without having a panic attack in the checkouts that makes my chest hurt. I used to be a politician and CEO and now I can’t talk in-person to strangers in groups of more than 3.

That is except through a computer where I don’t have to be me offline. I can be a form of me I was in many ways.

Heath and Money Are only Possible by living the 4 secrets of success I was preaching and not by saying one thing and doing another.

OMG, what an epiphany. I discovered I was being a hypocrite in my training others. My 4 secrets of success were helping my friends and colleagues live extraordinary lives and we were utterly destroyed by living only 1 of those four secrets because even my faith was shaken.

woman looking to achieve health and money as a fitness model

What are the 4 secrets of success in the quest for health and money?

  • Strong mind, never stops learning. Learn something new every day and teach something to someone else each day as well. Think Income Legion my mission to get back on track.
  • Strong Body. Learn to live healthily. If on medication take it as prescribed. Live more organically and eat fruits and drink lots of water. I have already lost more than 115 pounds in 2 years doing this. I am starting to feel my health rise and my money plans are coming along nicely as well.
  • True Heart. I have always been true to others but have has issues being true to myself. I denied the fact I was unhealthy and sometimes miserable trying to provide the life I wanted for my wife and children Be honest with yourself and share that honesty with others. If it feels wrong it likely is.
  • FAITH!!!! It is KEY to success that YOU believe in YOU. Family supporting you is great, if you love a caring GOD as I do even better, bu8t if your faith in yourself isn’t there you will crash as I did.

I kept a strong mind other than mental illness you will find I am very smart for a guy who was only homeschooled through the 6th grade and who fought to get a GED just months before becoming an elected official which helped me learn about people and the world.

In politics, I learned that you can tell people motivating things in the sweetest terms but it is them who must be motivated by the words. Not everyone will hear your word in the same way you mean it so you learn to take a healthy dose of rejection, especially from the press.

The 5th Secret To Health and money didn’t come to me until I broke down what got me into my Mental Health Crisis

Health and Money are best with work-life balance
Achieve Work-Life Balance for Health and Money

The fifth element of health and money is the structure of Work and Life in Balance. For every success step, there needs to be a reward. If you put in 8 hours of work put in 8 hours of rest and 8 hours of quality time because sleep is key to Health and Quality Time with family, friends, or by yourself on a lake fishing is just plain easy to deny yourself but is vital to keeping your faith and body STRONG. Throw in a little learning with your work and you balance the scales.

What you don’t want to do is get out of balance for more than a few days at any time because repetition becomes habit-forming and will bite you when you realize how hard it is to change back.

Health and Money Summary

Healthy, wealthy, and wise, said the strong man as he balanced these things with a good life worth living. After all, the core elements and 4 secrets of success are a strong mind, strong body, true heart, and faith and the new element I have only since my nervous breakdown discovers was the value of family and my time. True Work-Life Balance.

Namistay, this meditation is awesome for health and money through manifestation
Peace of mind comes from more than health and money it takes self-centering.

I can’t tell you I have always done these things but when I did I climbed more ladders than a house painter. I was the youngest council member in Arizona History, a chairman pro-tem in my county political party, a member of the State’s Party Registrations and Tally Committee, and a Chairman for WACOG’s Citizen Advisory Council.

Living the 4 secrets of success I started over a dozen jobs and moved quickly in each to management positions that allow me to bost 14 years in management prior along with 17 years in an online business.

These secrets have given me a loving, strong, and supportive wife of 20 years, and 7 AWESOME kids. Now it is time to see success again but not to their detriment. And life will be more rewarding for me as well.

I pledge to come back to this post each time I feel I am losing my way. I will also keep you advised of the results and will continue to voice the fact that those with mental health issues continue to add value to the community. Health and Money can be obtained through the determination found in anyone.

Good luck on your quest for Health and Money, I’m going fishing with my wife and kids.

10 thoughts on “Health and Money 101 An Amazing Story of recovery for one man.”

  1. This is such a powerful amazing article where I find myself while you are talking about “4 secrets of success in the quest for health and money”. Thank you for this, I completely agree and mostly I will recommend it to my friends to read.

  2. I think your article comes at a very appropriate time right now and so many people are turning towards the “make money online” niche and are getting absolutely beaten down by it’s realities.  Most people do not see the realities of how hard you much work to ever see success and this realization is responsible for many mental collapses.  Thank you for shedding some light from someone who is a little bit further down the tunnel than some of us who are just getting into it.  Hopefully, the wisdom you have learned can be a guiding light for others.

    • Niche regardless, the business itself is brutal and you can only make things harder on the mind and soul by forgetting to balance the good in business with the best life has to offer. My family has been totally spectacular as they saw my addiction to work. They saw me tear myself down to build them up and make a better life and stood by me when all hell broke loose. They are champions in my book every single day.

  3. Hi. What an interesting article.

    I was fascinated by reading some of the stories of your life. You have been through a lot but you finally found your place and that’s what matters. Honestly, many many people wish to be in your place someday, including me. I would love too learn more about you and how you achieved your success!

    Best regards,

    • I’m just another person who won’t give up and won’t take what life has given as all there is for me. You have choices when life puts roadblocks in your way. Stay down, or rise up and I choose to always rise. Thanks for a great comment.

  4. You can’t make money if you don’t have good health, mental or physical. I remember one of my teachers that travels a lot mentioning how he bought a lot of vitamin supplements and stuff like actual quality honey (which tends to cost A LOT) to boost his immune system.
    I mentioned to him that all of that must have been expensive. He responded with: “Your health isn’t something expensive to you?”,  meaning “You take your health for granted?”

    Just something he said that really stuck with me. But yeah, it’s true. Sad as it may be, if you’re physically or mentally not able to do something then you’re not going to do it. Of course, you can adapt, or even work towards curing your condition, but at the end of the day, prevention will always be better than cure. 
    On that note, I couldn’t agree any more with your point on balance between work and life.

    • While mental and physical setbacks make things harder some of the greatest warriors are considered  disabled. WE ALL NEED Tofocus on a balance of these healthy habits to find money and success. We don’t  have  to be born perfect to thrive for the top.

  5. Hello, Andy!

    Health and Money is a match made in heaven, whatever you conceive it to be…! I’m longing for them for a while now but they seem to appear one at a time in my life. Luckily I’ve been blessed with very few health drawbacks and able to manage my mental health despite all the financial issues. Covid19 pandemic hasn’t helped at all.

    However, after reading your excellent and clear post I’ll be facing life differently.

    Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep focused and safe!

    • What a great comment to mark the very first on Income Legion as well as on this post. You are a warrior and life can’t throw enough lemons at you to keep anyone down who doesn’t wish to stay there. Thanks for your inspiration.


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