Income Legion Side Hustle Newsletter Edition 2

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It has been a few weeks since our last edition of the Side Hustle Newsletter mostly due to site development. Our network of websites is green and growing and Merlin’s sites were in need of some updates that cause critical issues that have been resolved on MAP-TE.

Personally, I launched 8 days ago a new Traffic Exchange myself called which has climbed as of this writing to 132 members and growing. We are offering new members who surf 100 pages to become fully active $1 to their commission total and 150 of each credit type. we don’t sell upgrades on the site only credit packs and you earn pro upgrades by referring members who buy them.

4Free TE where the first dollar you earn is on us

4FREEte has a host of popular games and will grow into more of the features you love as I reinvest profits. The best deal on the site is $5 Login Ads, a special price running until Monday, September 11th, 2023. We are promoting a Race to 1,000 contest as well where 3 random members with a minimum 5 active referrals will be drawn and receive $10 plus 25 of each credit for each total referral they make prior to the day we reach 1,000 users.


KIOSK Social is offering $50 in Ad Dollars for every 10 free referrals and paying up to $120 commissions on paid accounts referred in September. Simply screenshot your downline and send it to admin when you reach 10 members referred.

If you fund your account at Kiosk Social a minimum of $20 to be used for upgrades and/or advertising I will triple your spend if you Direct Message AdminAndy on site with the words #ISAWITINTHENEWSLETTER#.


Mailer on Fire: I am officially extending this week’s $2 Fire Mail Solo Ads to last until the end of September. Firemails are marked to make them unique and get attention. Members are awarded 150 credits to read them which is 6 times the normal credit rate. That is read 1 Fire Mail Solo and you can send 15o users your advertisement.

Mailer on Fire is growing both in terms of membership and in terms of activity as even old friends from before our time offline are getting active again. I am proud of the sense of community around our sites.


NEW Merchandise at

I Do Not Fail Because I Hustle Coffee Mug

We have created a line of Apparel and Drinkware, Wall Art, and More. This saying goes perfectly if you already own our Coffee Powered Money Machine merch and both make amazing gifts for the entrepreneurs you know.


2 Launches Coming Soon

Merlinregis is launching a 2nd TE called Satoshi Surf within days of this post. Satoshi will reward active members and referral commissions in Crypto Currency and that makes your investment of time there worth cold hard cash.

The other launch is a Money Making Opportunity called Cash Legion that will be featuring fresh-made and AI-assisted PLR content, a Powerful Downline Builder, and more into a paid membership that is sold under costs. In addition to a membership sold for less than the average site in this niche, we will offer a free teaser membership that pays 25% commissions and is slimmed down to offer the downline builder but no pro perks. Cash Legion will open hopefully around the 25th of September which is this old farts birthday.

I will send updates when these programs launch .



Today’s Training: What is a Lead Capture or Squeeze Page?

A marketing lead capture page, also known as a landing page or lead generation page, is a web page designed specifically to capture information about visitors, typically their contact details, in exchange for something valuable such as a free eBook, webinar, newsletter subscription, or product trial. The primary goal of a lead capture page is to convert website visitors into leads by collecting their information for future marketing efforts.

Here are five sources you can use to build a marketing lead capture page:

1. **Website Builders:**

  • **Wix:** Wix offers an intuitive drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to create custom landing pages easily.
  • **Squarespace:** Squarespace provides professionally designed templates and a user-friendly interface for building landing pages.
  • **WordPress:** With WordPress, you can use various page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, or Divi to design and customize your lead capture pages.

2. **Landing Page Builders:**

  1. **Unbounce:** Unbounce is a dedicated landing page builder with features tailored for creating high-converting lead capture pages.
  2. **Instapage:** Instapage is another platform specializing in landing page creation, offering A/B testing and integration options.

3. **Email Marketing Platforms:**

  • **Mailchimp:** Mailchimp includes a landing page builder within its email marketing platform, making it easy to create and integrate lead capture pages with your email campaigns.
  • **HubSpot:** HubSpot offers a comprehensive marketing suite that includes tools for creating and optimizing landing pages.

4. **Content Management Systems (CMS):**

  •  **Drupal:** Drupal is a robust CMS that allows for extensive customization, making it suitable for creating lead capture pages.
  • **Joomla:** Joomla is another CMS that can be used to build customized landing pages.

5. **Custom Development:**

– If you have specific design and functionality requirements, hiring a web developer or using a web development platform (e.g., Bootstrap, React, or Angular) to create a custom lead capture page is an option.


When building a lead capture page, remember to follow best practices to increase conversion rates, such as using compelling headlines, clear and concise copy, attention-grabbing visuals, and a prominent call-to-action (CTA) that encourages visitors to submit their information. Additionally, ensure that your lead capture form is user-friendly and requests only the essential information needed to qualify and follow up with leads effectively. Finally, regularly test and optimize your lead capture page to improve its performance over time.

Build your own blog and newsletter like Income Legion with the training you get here!

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4 thoughts on “Income Legion Side Hustle Newsletter Edition 2”

  1. Starting off reading this post, I felt a bit confused as I was not sure what the content was referring to. But as I continued to read the article, I realised that it was actually a newsletter, that was covering different topics. 

    A newsletter is a great way of getting the latest updates and releases across to your readers. And in this newsletter you not only share traffic sources, but also added some training modules, which is great to see. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource.

    • We love newsletters for covering a lot of sound bite topics and delivering micro training. This week was derailed by the flu but look for a great issue coming soon.

  2. I’m intrigued by the concept of lead capture pages mentioned in this newsletter. It seems like a critical aspect of online marketing, but I’m not very familiar with it. 

    Can you explain a bit more about the primary purpose and benefits of using lead capture pages? And, if I were starting from scratch, which of the five sources you mentioned for building them would be the most beginner-friendly option?

    • Aweber offers free video training and is free to get started. Another great program for beginners is Sendsteed by LeadsLeap. Both have great training but Leads Leap is aimed more at affiliates where Aweber is focused more on ecommerce clients. Having a responder is growing a captive audience you can focus the attention of to both content and offers.


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