Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of Income Legion Affiliate Community are as follows. 


We agree to provide networking tools and promotional services to help grow your online affiliate marketing-related business and offer moderation to attempt to avoid scams and SPAM behaviors.  


You the end user agree to behave in a professional manner and use due diligence when exploring opportunities offered by other members and advertisers. 

We do not allow discrimination, adult content, investment-related program offerings, and vulgar language. There will be no flaming members (abusive behaviors) and Cyber Bullying. We do not care about your Gender, Race, Nation of origin, and religious preference and demand that you respect the same in others.  


Our company is not responsible for any member-generated 3rd party content or damage arising from clicking links and visiting websites. Program-generated training and materials are true to the best of our knowledge but in no manner guarantee any level of success. 


Marketplace transactions are party to party and not supplied by Income Legion Community unless otherwise stated and originating from user @incomelegion. 

Digital goods like e-books may be offered as member freebies occasionally and are assumed as valid information at the time of publication but are the respective properties of their author and are not guaranteed by Income Legion Community. 


Advertisers are warned that no advertising on the planet can guarantee a set return on investment and it is possible to lose money running paid ads. Factors such as Descriptive subject, and enticing images and text will determine actual click through and the content of your site or landing page may cause these visitors to make a purchase or become a lead or may turn them off and not gain any result. It is your responsibility to optimize advertising content and landers to increase conversion. 


Affiliate Marketing: It is required by law to state that all links on this site are to be considered advertising and due to the affiliate marketing niche of this website and the fact that we use affiliate marketing to help pay the bills and provide a profit all links are commercial for the intent to make money as an affiliate and the member or company presenting the links will earn a commission that does not add to the selling price. These links establish an anonymous cookie that allows tracking of commissions and are subject to the cookie policy, privacy, and terms of the represented site. 


We in no manner sell or share personal data and request all members to respect the information supplied publicly by other users. 


SPAM Policy: You may not use any unsolicited marketing within the Direct Messages, chat, by email to members, or through comment SPAM to promote your programs. This is not only bad business but also violates US Law. 


We prohibit investment sites including any HYIP, Ponzi, or Bitcoin Investments and all programs must operate within the laws set by the United States and Arizona governments. We reserve the right to take down any and all content found to violate the site rules or good taste without notice and suspend or delete and ban members without notice. 

By continuing to use this site you signify you have read and agree to these terms which may be modified as required from time to time. It is your responsibility to know and abide by site terms.