Top list of niche markets that drive passion and create top 10 affiliates!

In our list of niche markets that drive passion and create top 10 affiliates, we will not be looking at things at all from a money first perspective. The fact is if you are only here for the money you will find it harder to start a business, become profitable, and earn a life-changing wage for your work.

Holy Crap Batman, did you say a desire to make money makes it harder to make money? ARE YOU CRAZY???

Here in the United States, you will find among a list of niche markets that the leading Entrepreneurs are people who are not looking for money as much as they are to solve issues related to a niche they are passionate about.

That’s not to say there aren’t industries of necessity like making underwear that many would find it hard to find a love for but what makes the difference between Haynes and Fruit of the Loom?

Is underwear on the list of niche markets that drive passion?

A drive for quality and comfort comes to mind when you buy and wear the products. Profitability has to come second so someone has to be thinking, “How do I build the better mousetrap?”.

F.R.T.L., please don’t build Mousetraps into your boxers it was a figure of speech. Regardless of bad jokes and such, I will tell you someone has to love a great feeling nice and roomy set of drawers.

Passion drives invention, invention drives more invention which drives competition. Passion sets those competitions apart and decides who the leaders are in that list of niche markets.

Invention starts with an interest in something, that is called a niche and that interest becomes a passion or love of doing for someone who then sees a solution to problems in that niche.

You do a thousand things a day and never notice the small flaws yet someone notices minute mistakes in Baseball cards, miscuts in dollar bills and that silk makes softer boxers than even fine cotton.

In seeing these issues and finding solutions we become business owners but it has to start with enough niche interest to see opportunity.

Without Interest of Passion, a list of niche markets is as plain as a flat white wall. You just won’t see the money, and will always be late to the changes your customers demand.

As an Online Business Owner, you likely fall into one of 3 categories each with its own list of niche markets that drive passion and profits.

Business Cunsultants Need Niche Ideas

The categories most frequented by online entrepreneurs are Consultant or service provider, Online retailer or drop shipper, and last but most common is Affiliate Marketer.

The consultant will look to channel expertise gained in an offline pursuit that began with the words I want to be X when I grow up most likely.

An Online Retailer is best served serving one industry than trying to compete with big-box stores like E-bay, Amazon, Wal-Mart, or Overstock, These companies have those non-focused anti niche segments filled.

Small retailers are best advised not to compete with these mass marketing juggernauts and instead to focus on refined niche ideas and the products these giants have left off their shelves like close personalized service.

Affiliate Marketers are my favorite because they have the same passion as a consultant with the flexibility to promote any niche they choose and spend less to get established doing it.

An affiliate marketer is driven by passion but has no shelves or warehouses to stock so they can have all the products of Amazon and Wal-Mart combined as a place to make money.

Like the other two though we are served best by our attention to detail in a niche we are passionate about.

Business online and your list of niche markets is always pushed by content. Lots of gooey content.

Editor: How I Found My 16 Year Passion Niche

To write all of these articles, record countless podcasts, create these videos, and so forth as invention works to factor in the next big thing in digital communication you will still need that flawless attention to detail. You will find in a niche you love doing that the problems will come like water and the solutions are all worth dollars.

A big example you will find in the pursuit of making money at anything online is that you will need advertising to cut down on your time marketing and marketing to improve the results of advertising. In another article, I will discuss the difference between the two.

The point here is both are not likely in your passion wheelhouse or are you experienced with so you either put a thousand hours into learning the. Maybe hundreds of hours a month into doing them, or you pay someone to make it happen like maybe a CONSULTANT?

Passion is a driver of sales too. People look for retailers and authors who love the topics they are using from the list of niche markets.

The passion will always show in how you write the content of your site as nothing cookie-cutter will suffice in selling. NO FREAKING CONTENT ROBOTS, I want a retailer who loves their business and their customers.

The following is our shortlist of niche markets that drive passion. It is a list of niche ideas that come from the blogs of myself and my students over the past 17 years.

Model Trains number one on the list of niche markets that drive passion

Model Trains are a small area of interest in today’s modern world but the products are still of deeply passionate interest to those who share this niche addition. Some model trains might be $20 a set but others are $2,000 or mere per engine or cars on the train.

There are branded units like Coke Christmas Train Sets and Texaco miniatures that have dual niche interest and can demand prices o0ver $10,000 each piece or train set.

Baseball Cards are one of my interests and I already own the domain name which will likely be devoted to connecting sellers and collectors for future generations where passion is strong but time is tight. just imagine someone fulfilled a passion connecting me to that stellar domain name as well.

Baseball Cards on the list of niche markets that drive passion and make money online

There are domain flippers who buy domain names as virtual real estate and then build starter sites and resell them as ready-to-go websites for a serious profit.

Some of these sites and domains have sold for as much as 7 figures and a friend of mine recently sold a 1-year-old site with around 150 posts for over $40K. In all, she had made over $50K in the life of the site which isn’t bad for a 1-year investment in growth.

Skin Care. While the niche is saturated with sellers many lack passion and newer specialty niche in the wider niche markets in the category. Prime examples are organic skincare and CBD oil supplements that rejuvenate skin for a healthy look.

Fitness is massive as everyone has a different method of getting or staying fit. From weight loss to Pilates and diet supplements to energy drinks there are nearly a half-billion items on the list of niche markets in the4 fitness category alone. What a great way to combine Health and Money.

Also on our list are Cars, NASCAR, Advertising Specialist, Search Engine Marketing and SEO services, and those who help people learn to write blogs like this one and make money.

There are basketball blogs, Hockey Playoffs, the Olympics, and Gymnastics, cooking, and so much more. If you are a realtor you might check this post out on things you can do with or without a license in the real estate niche to make money online.

Summary of: Top list of niche markets that drive passion and create top 10 affiliates!

While I didn’t put a ton of items on the list I want to see your niche ideas in the comments below. The list will grow and if you tell me a niche I will tall you at least 5 products with huge up ends that you can promote in it and make money. Heck, I might even throw in a consultancy idea here and there as well.

Out list of niche markets as affiliate marketers, retailers and consultants may never be complete but the idea here is to think of all the things you love and I will show you in this ongoing list how you can create a business from anything and I mean anything.

22 thoughts on “Top list of niche markets that drive passion and create top 10 affiliates!”

  1. Hi Andy, Some good points here. It was interesting to hear about your friend I bought a few of these ready-made websites a few years back but I didn’t really do anything with them but I kind of kick myself reading this.

    As for your niche ideas some good examples. {editors note: Links not allowed in comments sorry.}

    • Thanks for a great comment. Ready-made sites are a great idea if you have the money to invest in a starter site or to continue to build out new Niches in your portfolio of passive income. I appreciate your offer of a comparable link but the link promotes a program we are heavily promoting on Income Legion already. Thanks again for reading our post and dropping a comment.

  2. Hi Andy, I loved reading your article on niche markets. You have provided some wonderful ideas, especially two that stood out to me: Train sets and baseball cards. These two I would never have thought about.

    • Any hobby, sport, job experience, or interest can become a cash cow so why not make it something you personally love doing. Affiliate marketing is your dream business in the making. By the way, yesterday a single NFL Rookie Football card sold for over 4 million dollars at auction. Baseball and other sports cards are big business.

  3. Hi Andy,
    I love how your content flows truly from the heart! And, that is really how it should be! If you are struggling to create content primarily because money is your driver, it is more belabored.

    One thing that stuck out for me was your statement that to make “money at anything online is that you will need advertising to cut down on your time marketing and marketing to improve the results of advertising”. I do look forward to better understanding that in the future article you promised.

    • Hi Ceci, Took the liberty to correct my name in your comment but great comment. I will definitely write that article soon as it is vital. Marketing and Advertising are very different beasts in the same Ark. Advertising flows traffic to an offer or article. The offer or article takes over the process from raw traffic to a told story that builds a trust relationship. So Ads incoming traffic and Marketing converts traffic to leads and sales.

      Thanks again,
      Andy Zeus Anderson

  4. Hi Andy,
    I was really interested to read of your experiences and perspectives in finding a niche market. I like how you are honest and authentic with a passion first focus rather than trying to focus purely on profit making.
    There are some very interesting ideas in your suggested niches to consider. I had never considered model trains. Do you think there is still space in the broader fitness market? It seems so competitive and do you recommend also doing YouTube for any fitness sub-niche to compliment a blog?

    • Hi John, I do recommend Video at some point for just about any niche. As to greater Fitness, it is very competitive but niche fitness segments like hiking will always have room at the top. This is especially true if you know how to do serious research and go to the places, (Pun Intended) others just have not been. If you want to succeed in say the hiking niche in fitness a blog like best places to hike around Port St. Lucy Florida, would do better than a blog on Hiking in general.

  5. For a start I am overwhelmed by the multitude of information.
    I started several sites: concretely 3.
    I have been focusing on Email Marketing for a month and 3 weeks now.
    It’s better to focus on one niche.
    I still have a site about losing weight. But I worked on it a little.
    In the bands in the article they are very good for me as a beginner.
    I will recite as much as possible.

    • I have found the best formula is to work one great idea site at a time. build out that niche and make sure your passion resonates. When you are making money off that site then it is time to maybe put som focus on a new project as well but I do most of my add-on work with the intent to flip or resell the domains with a working website already in progress for the buyer. Emal Marketing is a great niche segment in the marketing niche. A ton of residual income with sites like Aweber and GetResponse.

  6. Thanks for these many insights, Andy. Since doing this part-time since I started with WA I just started to write content following the ideas in the WA affiliate marketing training. I mixed some online reviews with articles on travel and personal development. Originally I have oriented it to baby boomers and assisting them with some of their issues and staying engaged after retirement or unretirement. Now I am focusing on increasing productivity and staying fully engaged in what you enjoy regardless of age. It will be interesting to see where this goes over time. Even though I choose to remain un-retired by doing digital marketing I am going to retire from my main job in human services in a couple of weeks. Then I will focus more on growing my business. Thanks for your many insights in this article.

    • First off happy 9-5 killer day. Being rid of the things holding you back in that world will surely help you explode in terms of your education and abilities as a blogger. Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely the right place regardless of the time of life to start this AMAZING journey. I was on your blog earlier and left a comment, glad to see you here and look forward to years of working together.

  7. Even though in some cases it may be about the money yet it should not be all about the money but about solving problems and the money will come. That is how successful minds things. Let’s solve the issues and the money will come.

    • Thank you, Norman. I would love to hear your niche ideas and help you select a few monetization ideas. The goal of this post is to build a community around it and help each other grow as bloggers.

  8. It is true that most people get stranded when they try to find a niche for their business. This is common, It even happened to me. But one thing that usually distinguishes people is the passion and commitment of what you are doing. Your article is a good guideline to people still struggling in niche setting before putting things ahead!

    • I did aimlessly wondering for probably my first 3-6 months when I first started 17 years ago but found out I was actually in a niche already by that point and just didn’t realize it. See I was neck-deep learning affiliate and network marketing and was teaching what I learned as fast as I would learn it to build a name for myself. 

      By that time I was already regarded by many as a sort of low-level expert in the field of affiliate marketing. This blog expands beyond that realm and lets me bring more of my experiences to the web helping people find new income in any online or offline side hustle or investment they see fit. Hope we can help tens of thousands along the way.

  9. Hi Andy. Thank you for very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and posts like this are extremely useful. It seems that I had no idea what is popular now. Fitness or skin care may seems obvious but modern trains or Nascar is complete surprise for me. Definitely I need to research more, as good niche is most important step with all online businesses.

    • I agree, some soul searching will help you find that perfect business for you. After all, bloggers will typically go it alone for years before they let others add content and you can’t write great content if your heart is not in it.

  10. I’ve tried working in certain niches with no passion and I can tell you I got nowhere fast lol. I think half the battle to achieving success, in any given niche, is asking yourself the question, ‘what exactly am I passionate about?’ Discover this and you’re well on your way to creating quality content, products, or services for your target audience.

    Great article by the way!

    • It’s funny how that works, the more money you think you will make with a chosen niche the less money you earn but the niche that comes to you is profitable almost without effort. God bless you in your journey.

  11. It is important to have a passion for your niche, as that is the only way you will be able to continue to create quality content for your website or social media followers. A passion also makes you more authentic, so thank you for this list of top niche markets that one can explore. Health and money can certainly be a very good combination, as well as organic skincare and CBD products. Thanks for sharing and all the best.

    • Thanks for such a quick and focused comment. I would li=ove to see a list of things you are passionate about. I will gladly match product opportunities with each to show you the money in your passion.


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