10 Star Ultimate How-to, What Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Today on Income Legion we will be discussing answers to the question, “What is affiliate marketing for beginners?” and how you can profit when you learn how affiliate marketing works.

As the Internet’s top home-based business model affiliate marketing is also one of the easiest to get started and is easy to moderate on the scale of ease to learn. The best part is you can learn the basics to get started Free of charge.

What Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners and How Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics Free?

what is affiliate marketing for beginners learn how to be a highly paid affiliate

Your interest in becoming an affiliate marketer and making money online with affiliate marketing likely stems from one of a few places. You want more time for doing the things you love, you need more money, you don’t like others deciding your value to the world, and you know there is more to life than Just Over Broke.

You are asking, “What is affiliate marketing for beginners?” so you can get a brief view of this foreign world you have heard has low barriers and ease of the process and may even have a friend who has a side hustle home business.

The thing is you want to know how to make significant money online with affiliate marketing. You need details, and information to see if this could be the right full-time business you can start part-time.

Below are some of the best points of affiliate marketing that are the reason so many make affiliate programs and marketing other people’s products their chosen new-age profession.

1. Starting Costs Are Low. You can even start for free but in my opinion, it is best to have a budget of about $1200 to $5,000 for your first year to cover training, tools, and some early scaling up. After all, the more you can put in the shorter time to a return on your investment in this business model.

2. Easy Affiliate Marketing Education. By the end of this guide, I will recommend a few places to get started learning, earning, and building your tools chest with vitals.

In all, I am recommending under $750 in the war chest including one membership that will give you an almost total success kit including a year of hosting, total content suite, and the best search engine companion in its class called Jaaxy for one annual price.

If the funds are too much at one time that annual money saver can be paid for by the month and so can one of the add-on tools.

3. Earn as You Learn with Affiliate Marketing. You will find that you can be running your own WordPress Blog today with an install that takes less than 1 minute. You can be adding content as soon as tomorrow with great free and low-cost training options. Be earning income in just a few months, as little as 3-6 months for that first sale, and more will follow as you scale up.

4. Content writing is not as hard as you think. We have all told stories to friends, have passionate interests, and have written book reports in school. Some of you do TikToks or record short YouTube videos or have skills like Skype and Messenger chats that can be turned into video promotion as well. Or other great experiences and don’t even know it.

We even have people living in Space

The fact is we all came into this world knowing absolutely nothing, not even how to walk or talk.

Now we run and sing. We can even fly because someone else dared to try new things and they invented planes and helicopters, backpacks, and soon personal drones. Hell, we even have people living in SPACE!

What is affiliate marketing for beginners when you don’t have to invent or even re-invent anything to be an affiliate. I mean it’s easy people have products and handle all of the following.

You have no products, no inventory, no out-of-home office, no employees, or anything a new offline business would need. My total cost to run my business including my Internet connection is under $200 a month.

I sometimes make single commissions that pay up to 3 months of these costs and am in profit every year since I stopped program hopping and found affiliate programs worth sustaining.

What is Affiliate Marketing And What Do Affiliates Do To Make Money Online?

Affiliate programs are run by companies who desire to have commissioned affiliate sales teams that generate advertising and gain them, new customers, on a pay-for-performance basis. Sort of imagining a Car salesperson you can get a general idea. The salesman earns their income based on earning a portion of each sale they make called a commission.

The big difference for the company is in an offline world they have to pay a salary to under performers and bear their own cost for ads so these commissions are generally lower and at a higher cost for retailers of general merchandise. This is why few jobs offline are pay for performance and most pay an hourly wage or set salary instead.

If you can sell enough Perfum to buy a car you could sell enough cars to buy a house

Online Affiliates are independent business owners and not employees. They are paid a percentage of sales, can do work for multiple companies, and are not bound to a set amount of earnings.

This is why some poor performers may earn little or no money and some even lose money due to a lack of proper step-by-step training. Meanwhile, others in the industry make up to 7 figures a month.

What Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Where Can I Learn More?

I mentioned I had a couple of places being instrumental in teaching me new and current techniques. As well as helping me get rapidly retrained in what I had been doing before a nervous breakdown in 2012.

The main company Wealthy Affiliate won our first every Certified Legit Award here at Income Legion because over the past 8+ years the program has been by far the best thing that could have happened for my family. WA can definitely answer your original question, “What is affiliate marketing for beginners?” better than I can after 17+ years online.

The second program is totally new to the scene and is a feeder to Wealthy Affiliate and 9 other income streams called Commission Academy.

Started by fellow Wealthy Affiliate member Dale who you will find by username Dale123 on the WA site is an Easy to Follow fast start guide of the very training and tactics that sped his progress from zero to super affiliate up by light-years.

Likewise, this simple training introduces you to several affiliate companies that will give you not just commissions but open your eyes to high-ticket niches

Dale operates on the proven concept that learning to sell a car is no harder than finding enough people who buy perfume to buy you a car. ~Andy Anderson~

In fact, sometimes it is no harder to sell a $1,000 training system than it is to sell an NFL Season Ticket, you just need to know your customer and attack their interest at a time they are ready to buy.

Speaking of NFL one of Dale and My Friends, an expert trainer at Wealthy Affiliate makes a good side hustle off just a single product. NFL Snack Helmets is a real thing with a real fan base and Jay dominates page one in Google and teaches us all how to find great niches and exploit them the way he has.

So the two programs I highly recommend joining are Commission Academy which is 100% Free to join, and Wealthy Affiliate which has a premium trial for your first 7 days, a massive discount to $19 for your first month of Premium after that.

This includes your Jaaxy Keyword or search-term research tool which is used for domination Google Search. It also gives you hosting and the web’s coolest content creation suite. The training is phenomenal. Support is also like no other with 24/7 tech support and peer-to-peer live chat and active forum.

How do I earn money online affiliate marketing?

The first thing you will find in training is how to set up a website or blog of your own. A website is like having a building youEarn Money Online Affiliate Marketing will place on a domain name which is your own piece of property on the Internet’s Information Super Highway.

The internet feeds on sharing of information. People share details of themselves like funny cat pictures less than 40% of their time on the web. The rest is spent searching everything from recipes to try, best shoes for jogging, to what movies and sporting events to see.

They learn about hobbies and collectibles. They discover things about their health and consume an awful lot of consumer news that guides both online and offline buying.

Your job as an affiliate is to intercept the search terms which are questions people are asking and needing help with related to a specific interest. You then pair the request with accurate answers and match products up where appropriate with those answers.

A great example would be someone asking on Quora, ” What is the best cream for Athletes Foot?” and then you write a blog post answering that very question on your running shoe blog. From there you can compare several creams and even powder options and Boom! Once trust is won sales are made.

In this What is affiliate marketing for beginners guide, You Mention a Blog. Is A Small Website Enough to Make Serious Money?

One article will not make you rich. In fact, it could take 70-100 articles to see a few initial sales and over 250 posts to see recurring side hustle income with most niches. This is because in the beginning nobody knows who you are not even Google as a writer and you need time to become the go-to expert in your niche.

Being an expert though is as simple as being the person who learns daily and teaches as often.

I know people who have written up to 350 posts in a year. In fact, one just made it to the Super Affiliate conference for WA in the first 9 months of 2021 based largely on 300+ posts in his first year of writing.

His answer to his own what is affiliate marketing for beginners question is worth around $70,000 to $100,000 a year and growing by estimate. Each of the 300 sales is worth up to $400 per commission when the users take premium plus upgrades by the year at Wealthy Affiliate.

Do people actually spend that kind of money for those big commissions? Yes, we do. I am one of the hundreds of premium plus members at Wealthy Affiliate because of the advanced training and overall value and I like to save massive amounts of money so We pay by the year instead of the month.

I also pay $200 a year for an autoresponder and have 10+ domain names so another $150+ a year there. We pay 4 other memberships around $100 a year each. All of them are paid from profits that I get as an affiliate marketer.

What is affiliate marketing for beginners

Summary of: Ultimate How-to, What Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

Imagine a business where you can get started for less than you spend on maintenance on your car for that daily commute to work at a job you hate each year. Let that business create you financial freedom for a lifetime, with no ceiling on how much you can earn.

The fact is when you join through my link to either program mentioned I stand to earn up to $400 a year from your eventual upgrades at Wealth Affiliate. You can tap into that same income or follow any other interest and earn.

If you choose WA as your training source and hosting provider you will see clearly how to become a super seller in as little as a couple of years’ time. You will rub elbows with cool people like Eddy with a Y who has made over $1,000,000 from Affiliate Marketing and many others earning up to 8 figures a year.

You can even get started today for FREE and see if affiliate marketing is a good fit before you make a commitment to give me a year to mentor and train you with the help of WA. Simply sign up at Commission Academy and follow every instruction in the 16 free lessons there.

Then follow the 10 free course sessions plus supporting training at Wealthy Affiliate. You will see that you can do this and that you can monetize and hobby, interest, or personal/professional experiences.

What is affiliate marketing for beginners? It’s a step in the direction of your future, one step, one goal, one dream at a time. By even asking the question what is affiliate marketing for beginners you have put in motion a set of events that has left you smarter, and more ready to take on home business.

24 thoughts on “10 Star Ultimate How-to, What Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners”

  1. I like your analogy. We come into this earth knowing nothing, but somehow we forget this. We get caught up in comparing our situation with super successful affiliate marketers making thousands of dollars a month! We forget they did not come into this world knowing this stuff. They spent their time and effort learning and implementing. That’s without stopping to ponder on their doubts. This post is informative, and more than a few beginners will see the light.

    • People let what they don’t know to scare them and it’s like the dumbest thing ever because we can’t help but learn at least one new thing a day. Why not choose what we learn to choose what we earn?

  2. Thank you for explaining affiliate marketing. My colleague mentioned it, but he didn’t give a proper explanation. I thought it’s similar to dropshipping, but I was wrong. This looks simple and I’m glad the starting cost is very low. I will check Wealthy Affiliate as you recommended, but is there any other similar course platform to learn about it? I want to compare with others before deciding to sign up. Thanks

    • Sadly those looking for online businesses are falling for harder start-ups than they need to. They either get poor training for expensive MLM companies, often finding the company shut down inside 5 years as an HYIP, or Ponzi Scam having operated just outside the law. Or someone talks them into Dropshipping which is a higher cost with a hell of a lot more work than affiliate marketing with massively high dollar training for it. DS is a legit business and makes money for many but the risk is high, costs are high, and hassles will have you stressed far more than letting the drop shippers pay you to simply send traffic to the products they fulfill.

  3. “I’m a fan of affiliate marketing, mostly because of the freedom to be able to work from anywhere with an internet connection, and to be able to work my own hours….. without a boss telling me what I should be doing and when I can have a break (or not).

    You have provided a great breakdown of the business for beginners and given anyone who is seriously looking for a great opportunity, a whole lot to think about.

    I have no regrets for joining Wealthy Affiliates a couple of years ago. However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. There was a lot to learn because I didn’t know my way around a computer…. but now I do…. and I also know how to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

    Thanks for sharing this information with others who are looking to escape the 9 to 5 grind.”


    • Finally found the issue with your comment not posting earlier. Great feedback and I agree that there is so much freedom to love with a business of your own. WA helps catch anyone up on the things they don’t know online, even simple computing issues I have seen people overcome in the live chat.

  4. The right article at the right time. I am a newbie in the world of internet marketing, and I was wondering what kind of business model I should start with. There are a lot of business models out there, from MLM, eCommerce, Dropshiping, Lead Gen, and Selling Info Products / Online Courses.

    My head was spinning on where to start. But after reading your article I am completely convinced that affiliate marketing is the way to go. It requires less capital, and you can learn all the skills which I can then later if I decide to set up my own Marketing Agency.

    • There are thousands of niche markets within the realm of affiliate marketing. You can still have the exact business you choose and even learn things like Search Engine Marketing and SEO along the way. I have friends who started with Wealthy Affiliate and despite making serious income from Affiliate marketing have more than doubled their income doing Social Media Marketing, Local Search, and WordPress website design. All of which they learned with Wealthy Affiliate.

  5. Well, yes. New age marketing, based on internet sales, has taken marketing out of the office building and into entrepreneur online activity. Affiliate marketing is how we get paid for those services. It’s easy to start. Training is available from a multitude of sources. Like the author, my choice was/is Wealthy Affiliate. It provides exceptional training and support.

    However, you must do your part. If you think your going to get paid for simply being online, I’ve got news for you. It takes effort – consistent effort. For me, while I’m serious, I’m too retired. Seriously. I’ve been retired for some time now and it gets in the way. To many distractions. For a dedicated, income orientated, marketer, this is the way to go. Wealthy Affiliate can provide the basics and Income Legion is a welcome browser tab.

    • Effort and informed thinking are highly rewarded in Affiliate Marketing as with an offline business. The big thing is you won’t touch an offline business for as low of a start-up cost as Affiliate Marketing.

  6. In my opinion, there is no business like Affiliate marketing that offers so much with such an easy start-up cost, the benefits in this line of work are so amazing that is why many are turning to this business type. However as good as this sounds it takes time and whole lot of work before you can see results but as long as you stick with it you will have the results you are looking for.

    • Hi Norman, yes work and dedication are a must in anything to get ahead. Just think if you would rather be the one on a salary or the one counting unlimited profits when deciding to start a business. The profits make the risk worth it.

  7. You’ve listed a lot of advantages of being an affiliate marketer over working for somebody else. An additional advantage is that affiliate marketing can be done anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet. On top of that, you can pick your own working hours. Although it takes a lot of effort to set up affiliate websites, the results are worth it.

    • Getting into a business of any type you have to ask are you trying to escape work or a JOB. If you are trying to escape work maybe welfare or retirement are options but a business always requires work. I do like my anywhere offie though.

  8. Hi Andy. Thank you for very interesting article. I just started my adventure with digital marketing recently and I must admit that it can be very overwhelming at the beginning. I was looking for decent platform for start and I couldn’t agree more that wealthy affiliate is great choice. With tons of trainings, supportive community and webhosting they are offering everything to achieve success.

    • Agreed, when you can get high quality in a bundle and it comes with the web’s most discussed and touted affiliate training platform as a plus it makes little sense not to at least take the free trial.

  9. Great article, affiliate marketing is a fantastic and amazing opportunity. Training is important so you get things set up correctly on a solid foundation. I Know from experience that Wealthy Affiliate is the place to start! I took a shot a few years ago with affiliate marketing and havent looked back…

    I never really thought of it as being an independent business owner, I just started reading up online and searching for articles like this and one thing led to another until it was something of a business. 

    Glad I started… Cheers!

    • Awesome job Jerry. Seems the Aye’s have it, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to get a rock-solid foundation and learn all you need about online affiliate marketing.

  10. I have recently dived into learning and applying my best skills into affiliate marketing, and what you have outlined here matches up with my experience so far. I liked how you explained the difference in the traditional offline company salary structure and the greater flexibility of the affiliate commission structure.

    I have made a good start with my online endeavor. I find it easy to get discouraged however, and some days I simply don’t get done what I had planned to get done! Sometimes, it takes longer than expected to write, sometimes a technical issue comes up, sometimes simply juggling all the new information takes up a lot of time. I’m hoping I’ll get into a better groove as I press forward.

    • I have  7 kids and watched all of them trying to learn to walk. They would take their little bobbleheads and lift off the bed using arms not legs at first and fall over backward, sideways, on their face sometimes, and then take breaks. Some breaks were small, others looked almost like they gave up entirely. In the end, all of them run now. You too will find your groove and days like these will fade from memory or be used to drive determination.

  11. I have heard a lot about Affiliate Marketing. But I also know that I will not know enough until I start working at it myself. I have been a bit worried about where I could find a pathway to follow that would be good and not just want to sell me stuff. And I feel I have found the answer here. I am also excited, because 300 posts seems to be an attainable goal.

    • It seems daunting but you have no real timetable to reach it. Sure faster means success earlier, but slow and steady wins many a race as well. I built a blog a decade back with 1.3-1.4 million monthly page views and around 600,000 unique visitors. There was less competition back then but even in a competitive niche, you can still hit gold with the consistent and steady posting of quality informative content.

  12. Great article. 

    WA also known as Wealthy Affiliate has became my life. I become searching on a way to make cash on-line till I noticed a weblog publish like this and I determined to strive it out. it took me few months to analyze all and now I am cashing out lots from the site. I now make greater than what I make in my workplace at home. I instructed my buddies approximately it and now those that registered also are cashing out like me. 

    • Amazing, you are doing very well and it’s great to have our first comment be a grand testimonial as to the success of members in the program. Here’s to many more years of our success.


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