What is Income Legion and How Can WE Help You Grow Your Own Side Hustle To Earn More Money?

Income Legion where tomorrow's affiliates are trained.

What if a Newsletter could help you change your life forever? Is a force powerful enough to change How you Work Online?

Income Legion is here to help thousands of people like you find an end to their Just Over Broke mindset. The old JOB and your schooling up until now have all been geared to keep you in a workforce designed to make other people filthy stinking rich.

With technology and opportunity, life doesn’t have to be this way. You can stop the cycle of working 40 hours a week times 40 years to retire on 40% of what you used to make.

Our Income Legion newsletter is designed to help you find the perfect business, in a niche you are passionate about, and teach you to find buyers and affiliates to feed your business.

We want you to Kill your JOB and tell your friends that a free newsletter changed the way you think about work forever.

Andy Zeus Anderson Blogger

Income Legion is Brought to you out of the mind of Andy Zeus Anderson. Sometimes known as the free Guru Andy lives to help others.

Andy has been a business manager and owner since the age of 17 and started his journey into online marketing and affiliate home business in January 2004.

His mission is to empower and a legion of marketers that have superior training and desire to be the best in class regardless of what class they are in. Your dreams are our focus and those dreams can fit any interest.

Income Legion is funded by a combination of affiliate revenue, direct and network advertising. When clicking links on this site please be advised that while the income does not sway our honest approach to online business Income Legion likely will earn a click rate or commission should you make a purchase or join one of the programs.

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Income Legion and Mission You

Our goal at Income Legion can not be overstated. We are busy building a better you through knowledge, passion, and opportunity. We call this MISSION YOU!

Most people start the Mission You project as lifelong 9-5 workers. Don’t worry we also include other times but the shift is the same, 8 hours a day or more 5-7 days a week as many of you need 2 to 3 JOBS to make ends meet. You are likely living paycheck to paycheck or on a fixed income too low to support the life you would like to live.

Most Income Legion readers have never owned a business because they never were taught how to be a leader. If you ever wondered what the difference between public education and a private school or Ivy League college was it’s whether they teach you JOB skills or LEADERSHIP SKILLS. Most of you were set up to fail by greedy politicians who work for the corporate employers who want you to stay working for them as long as possible.

Hell, these companies only train the minimum number of people they need to even become managers or supervisors. How many companies willfully make opportunities for employees to build something more than a modest retirement? If you make more you are likely to leave and may even become something they fear and that is serious competition.


If You Like Ben Franklin

We have the Side Hustle Secrets You Need to see him more often.

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Who wants to Be Independently Wealthy?

I know, every hand went up and every mind said YES but the fact is over 85% of you are sad sack quitters or simply don’t want it bad enough. You will not get rich or wealthy overnight but you will fall for every program promising instant wealth and showing you hot cars and hotter men and women. These programs make you drool and put the lead in the pencil but are never really designed to get anyone rich but the people who are handing you individual pieces of the puzzle.

You will find this in more programs than you will find honest wealth builders because these companies are founded by Corporations and people who were once Corporate Leaders who walked away from 6 and 7 figure jobs. Don’t blame them but they learned from 30,000 dollar mentors how to tell you about the 30-50K they lost before they found the secret sauce. Most of these program owners have never been an affiliate but all of them know how to manipulate one.

The first secret to wealth building is knowing the system is built to screw you. The second is to understand that Being Rich and Being Wealthy are not the same. Anyone in a 9-5 can put money in the 401K and company stock options and retire with over 2 million dollars in a bank account but the minute you start being a taker of this money your money starts to vanish and you one day in your 70s find the 2 million gone and you need another freaking JOB.

Becoming Wealthy means putting today’s dollars or at least a share of them to work returning tomorrow’s PROFITS. You will likely need 3 or more years to kill the JOB and I would personally recommend taking 5 years or more to make the switch. You can throw this timetable out the window if at any time you are earning enough to cover the operating costs, pay to grow your income, and live the life you want NOW!!! My personal goal is a 20K a month income to afford the life my family needs and deserves.

Click this link to see what 240K a year as a high-paid affiliate marketer looks like.

You said I would likely fail but I am still here!

If you stayed past me telling you that your education was crap, your desire was weak, your chances of failure high, that it isn’t fast or instant, and showed you that you don’t even understand money then please scroll back up and join the Income Legion Newsletter. The fact is I want to work with those souls who need this training like they need air. The ones who will fight against all odds until they are Wealthy and living their dreams as a business owner.

Income Legion can and will help you not just learn to be a business owner and build wealth but will help readers do this from home in their spare time. But you will have to do the following things other programs say you don’t need to do. well, scams tell you that you only need to throw money into paid ads in volume to make back that money selling their products. It’s Bull poop so here is the list.

  • You will need specialized training in Affiliate Marketing. ( don’t worry anyone can do it with our help )
  • You will Need to invest money into building a simple website using WordPress.
  • You will Need to Advertise and Market and Both will cost MONEY.
  • Your Passion will be the driver, listen to it because a Niche or area of interest you are not motivated to service will end in FAILURE.
  • You will need to learn to write.
  • You will potentially find yourself on YouTube one day.
  • You will need to talk to people. Don’t worry I am Bipolar with Social Anxiety Disorder so bad the checkout line at the store gives me chest pains. I can do this and so can you.
  • You will need to change your vocabulary from can’t to will and try to I’ve Got This!
  • You can NEVER quit anything again! Doing so is the only way to fail.

Income Legion Introduction Closing Statement

I know we gave you a ton to think about. If you joined the Income Legion Newsletter above but don’t think you can do this anymore each edition has a unsubscribe link. We do advise that you give a few issues a try before deciding this. Income legion and the associated programs can build you ANY DREAM BUSINESS you desire, but desire will never be enough without dedication. I can give you motivational quotes all day long but you have to be MOTIVATED by them. I can not motivate you. Welcome to income Legion.

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