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Network Marketing 101: Getting Started & Finding Success

If you’re curious about network marketing, you’re not alone. Many enterprising individuals look to this business model as a gateway to financial independence. So, what exactly is network marketing? It’s a strategy that companies use to distribute products by creating a workforce of independent entrepreneurs who use personal relationships and networks to promote and sell products. I’m going to draw a clear line between legitimate network marketing opportunities and illegal pyramid schemes. Unlike pyramid schemes, …

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Health and Wellness Affiliate Program LiveGood Review

LiveGood Affiliate Program Review By 20 Year Marketing Vet

I’ve taken a close look at the LiveGood Affiliate Program, a rising player in the affiliate marketing industry that’s starting to make waves. Here, I’ll share an unbiased review, tapping into its core aspects, from how it’s poised to change the traditional affiliate marketing game, to the importance of doing your due diligence when considering such platforms. Before diving into any affiliate program, including LiveGood, it’s critical for me, and you to thoroughly understand not …

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